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Name: Yuuki Hirasaka. Age: 21. MBTI: ENFP. Power: Temporal Manipulation. Role: Just kind of... There.
A Q&A sheet and answered by Marid. Comments by others are left drawn on the paper.

Growing up surrounded by the criminal underworld, Yuuki eventually found his way at the upper ranks of a small gang. He’s not the smartest, but when it comes to people he likely knows them better than they know themselves. His talents and experience make him extremely confident in any scenario, often to the detriment of those around him, and sometimes himself.

Recent times have been hard on Yuuki when he’s shoved on yet another job – a standard harassment against someone pushing their way into his gang’s territory. Unfortunately, he quickly realises that they aren’t the second rate thugs he usually deals with.

As his past knocks him on his ass, he’s about to become just another nameless enemy in someone else’s story.