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Q&A 2


While we still haven’t actually been asked any questions (yet), we figure a good simulated Q&A is a good way to get a lot of info quickly, so for today, here’s Q&A 2!

What is your posting schedule?

Our target is every weekend, we usually hit every two, and we might even forget then. Remember though, combining game dev with real life isn’t all fun and cheery, especially juggling full time jobs as well.

What are you using to make the game?

We’re using Unity, mainly due to Dan’s experience in the C# programming language. Don’t worry though, Dan’s been a programmer for most of his life, and this game definitely won’t look like your usual Unity game affair.

Unity? Why not something like Unreal?

We’ve used and enjoy Unreal. The problem is that we’re not a fan of Blueprints for game logic, and compiling C++ can take a while – especially when we make core engine changes (As Dan is prone to do). In addition, we both have better experience with Unity and the pipelines within, and modern Unity is definitely a whole lot different from Unity 4.

Also, we’re trying to keep Unity store usage to a minimum. Specifically, we will only be using very useful utility tools such as Bolt (Yeah, we know it’s like Blueprint, but it helps with level scripting), UMotion Pro and ProBuilder. All assets will be developed by us, and any you see that aren’t are almost definitely placeholders.

What is the art style going to be like?

We’ll be aiming for a sort of western comic style/semi realistic mix. We’ll use cel shading techniques and stylised characters placed within a somewhat more realistic world. We aim to make great use of colour to help tell the story.

And the music style?

While we’re still up in the air about this, we’ll likely choose something that feels a little Madchester or British. We’re not opposed to some British D&B and other such styles though, and for the most part we’ll aim to combine modern with a little bit of your typical game orchestral when it really matters. In addition, we’ll also aim to feature street music throughout Manchester, adding to the atmosphere. Hopefully we’ll have a couple of songs with lyrics, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Who’s the big bad?


Wait, no.

Well, that’s all for now. We’re going to keep on developing and hopefully we can show you something a bit more substantial soon!

– Dan & Kadan – Team Atropos